Happy birthday, Mini-human!

Hooray, Mini-human is a year old and no one has killed anyone nor has anyone gone insane! It’s been fun. It’s been unpredictable. It’s been full of emotion. I look at my fuzzy-haired Mini-human and sometimes I see a cute little baby, whereas other times I see glimpses of a determined little boy. I can’t wait for him to grow up yet I also want him to stay a baby for a little longer. 

(Yes, I made bunting...)

Chur Burger, Surry Hills

Sitting perched on a bar stool in Chur Burger’s graffiti-walled interior, a nostalgic look crosses my face as I glance over to where a table for two once sat near a window. There, I had celebrated my first wedding anniversary with a dinner at Warren Turnbull’s Assiette, which went a little something like this:

Marukame Udon (& a yarn about motherhood)

Childbirth, motherhood and everything that comes with it are the hardest yet most rewarding things I have ever done. I didn’t partake in any antenatal courses but I doubt that attendance would have prepared me for the onslaught of emotions, frustration, helplessness and tears, from baby and myself, that motherhood inevitably brings. People warn you of the sleepless nights, the fatigue, the crying... but there are the secrets that no class, book nor other mothers mention – that breastfeeding is hard work and is accompanied by many poos (oh, the poos!) and a crazy amount of nappies early on, that textbook advice rarely yields the described results in your non-textbook baby, and that you will have less time to yourself than you ever expected. And now, seemingly all of a sudden, Mini-human is 9 months old today and my feelings about motherhood are quite well summed-up by Catty. Though there are days when I feel that he is stretching my newfound levels of patience so much that I may have to chuck him in the bin, he can win me over effortlessly with nothing more than a flash of a smile. I’m now convinced babies are evil alien masterminds cloaked in mini-human cuteness with an intent to rule our worlds, but I remind myself that I have only another 2 months day-in-day-out with mine before the return to work beckons.

Hello Fresh – your fridge & pantry fairy

Since having the mini-human the husband and I have been extremely fortunate to receive regular drop-offs of homecooked food from our mothers. This was especially helpful in the early days of mini-human, when his daily routine... well, there wasn’t much of a routine. He put up a fight every night come bedtime and, um, I wonder where he gets that determined spirit from... *cough cough* Thankfully he now does have a routine and we get to have dinner at a more decent hour.

Before the mini-human, when I still had the luxury of time to plan and cook dinner, my mother-in-law would often drop groceries off at our place while we were at work. Sure, sometimes it was weird to return home after a long day to find that our veggie crisper had magically replenished itself, or that our ripe bananas (destined for banana bread) had turned back the hands of time and become green again, but it was nice to know that our home was never devoid of fresh food with which to cook. Like all Chinese mothers, my mother-in-law would worry that we weren’t eating at home enough nor well enough, so what better way to get your kids to eat broccoli than to leave it in their fridge for cooking, hey?


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